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Weather Tidbits: Fronts

Today's Weather Tidbits focused on fronts. The two most heavily focused were the differences between warm and cold fronts. Cold fronts are faster & steeper moving, bringing heavier precipitaion and storms. Warm…

Weather Tidbits: Wind Basics

Today's Weather Tidbits focuses on how the wind blows. Wind is moving air caused by differences in air pressure, that typically moves from high to low pressure. The closer the systems…

Weather Tidbits: Cloud Formation

Today's Weather Tidbits discusses how clouds are formed. The process is very similar to the water cycle. It starts with evaporation, in which the liquid from a body of water warms…

Weather Tidbits: Weather Hazards

Today's weather tidbits focuses on weather hazards and its differences. A watch means that severe weather is possible within 48 hours, while a warning indicates the severe threat is likely or…

Weather Tidbits: High vs Low Pressure

Today's Weather 101 discusses the differences between high and low pressures. High pressure consists of nice weather and rotates clockwise, while low pressure is associated with unsettled weather and rotates counterclockwise.

Weather Tidbits: Weather Satellites

Today’s Weather 101 focuses on weather satellites. They are 2 satellites that are used for weather, GOES & POES. The GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) which travels along the earth's equator.…

Weather Tidbits: Animals Predict Weather

Today's Weather 101 focused on how animals predict the weather. Before the onset of technology, humans likely had to use the assistance of the animal kingdom for changes in the sky.…

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