Weather Tidbits: Winter Precipitation Types

The 4 types of wintry precipitation is discussed in this Weather Tidbits. All precipitation across the world begins as snow as it falls from the clouds. It’s interaction on how much warm air or not; will determine if it will stay that way or change into something else. Rain develops when snowflakes melt into raindrops, as it encounters above freezing temperatures all the way down to the surface. Freezing rain happens when a deep layer of warm air melts the snowflakes into a drop but encounters a shallow or thin layer of cold air just above the surface; which causes the raindrop to freeze on contact with the surface making ice. Sleet forms when snow encounters a shallow layer of warmth causing it to partially melt but then refreeze while falling in a deep layer of cold air above the surface. These fall as frozen raindrops when making contact, making a tapping sound known as ice pellets. Snow occurs when the temperature is below freezing from the base of the cloud to the ground.

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