Weather Tidbits: Christmas Climatology

This Weather Tidbits explores the extremes and averages for Christmas. The average high in Salisbury is 48° with an average low of 28°. The highest maximum temperature or record high is 75° in 2015; while the minimum temperature or record low of 2° occurred in 1989. The wettest Christmas  was in 1924 with 1.93″. The snowiest Christmas was in 1962 with 3″ and the last occurrence of snow was in 2020 with a trace. The coldest maximum of 16° also occurred in 1983 and the warmest minimum of 66° happened in 2015. , It’s a mostly dry holiday with a third of them see measurable precipitation and just a 5% chance of measurable snow. There is also a 3% chance of a White Christmas; with the last White Christmas being in 1989 with an inch on the ground. About 75% of the Christmases will have highs between the 30s and 50s, while almost 40% of them will have lows in the 20s.

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