Weather Tidbits: White Christmas Probability

Who has the best chance of a White Christmas? A White Christmas according to NOAA, is at least 1″ snow on the ground on Christmas morning. The best areas historically consist of the Rockies, northern Minnesota, portions of Maine & Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan; which have 90% chance or more, Areas with a 75%-90% chance include all of Vermont, most of North Dakota & New Hampshire. 60%-75% involve southern Minnesota and mid-Michigan; while locations in the 50%-60% probability include northern Iowa, southern Michigan and eastern Oregon. Areas that fall slightly below 50% are western South Dakota; that include cities such as Chicago & Denver. Places of a 25%-40%  chance include most of Nebraska, northern Illinois, Ohio & Indiana, most of northern Nevada. Locations that are 10%-25% involve almost all of Kansas & Missouri, western Maryland, northern Arizona & New Mexico. Areas that have a less than a 10% chance include Delmarva, Tennessee and most of Oklahoma. The chance of a White Christmas in Salisbury is 3%. The bad news, is that with climate change, the probability of a White Christmas have been on the decrease over the last couple of decades.

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