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World Meteorological Organization retires 2 storms from the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The World Meteorological Organization Hurricane Committee retired Fiona and Ian from the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season on Wednesday. They were retired for their devastating impacts; meaning their names will never be used again. Farrah and Idris will replace Fiona and Ian on the 2028 Atlantic hurricane list of names.

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Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona is remembered for impacting Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Atlantic Canada; in the middle of September. Fiona was the 1st major hurricane of the 2022; reaching Category 4 status with peak winds of 140 mph. Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic dealt with heavy rain, flashing flooding and category 1 winds. The storm broke record river levels, as rainfall amounts reached over 30 inches and near island-wide power outages in Puerto Rico. This made Fiona; the 3rd costliest storm on record for the island. The storm reached Atlantic Canada as a post-tropical cyclone; with hurricane force winds. The storm was the most intense low-pressure to impact the country; with a minimum pressure of 932.7 mb. Fiona brought storm surge and strong waves; along with damaging winds in Atlantic Canada, where a gust over 110 mph was observed in Nova Scotia. Fiona is responsible for 29 deaths and over $3 billion dollars in damages; while being the costliest weather event in Atlantic Canada.

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian formed not too long after Fiona and first impacted Cuba as a Category 3, bringing flooding rains and damaging winds that knocked out power lines. Ian was the costliest storm of the season eventually impacting Florida by the end of September. The storm made landfall in Southwest Florida by the Fort Myers area as a Category 4 hurricane with winds at 150 mph; with the storm peaking before landfall at 155 mph. The storm brought storm surge of 15 feet, inland flooding across the Sunshine State, while producing coastal flooding from Florida through the Northeast including Delmarva in early October. Ian killed 150 people with most being from Florida and over $112 billion dollars in damages. It was the 5th strongest hurricane to landfall in the United States; along with being the costliest hurricane to impact Florida and 3rd costliest hurricane in the United States.


The 2022 hurricane season consisted of 14 named storms, 8 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes, making it an average season. The season ended with the 2nd latest landfalling hurricane on record; with Nicole hitting Florida in November. 2022 is the 6th year of the past 8 years to have 2 storms retired from the same season; and the 27th season to have 2 or more names retired.  They are the 95th & 96th named storms to be retired by the WMO. Ian is the 13th “I” storm to be retired; with the “I” storms continuing to be the most retired. Also, the 31 costliest hurricanes to impact the United States have all been retired.


The 2023 Hurricane Season is just two months away; but the National Hurricane Center will start issuing tropical weather outlooks on May 15th. This season will be reusing the 2017 list; with 4 new replacements that were retired from that season. Harold, Idalia, Margot & Nigel are replacing Harvey, Irma, Maria & Nate. Stay tuned to the 47 ABC Storm Team for the latest this hurricane season; starting off with the seasonal outlooks by Colorado State & NOAA in May.

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