Talbot County NAACP call for more police accountability following Death of Tyre Nichols, stress the importances of Anton’s law

MARYLAND- The Talbot County NAACP Saturday, speaking out on the killing of Tyree Nichols, and highlighting the similarities between the case and the 2018 death of Anton Black.

Talbot County NAACP President Richard Potter pointed to both instances escalating from routine traffic stops and said in both instances the evidence used to justify the initial stop doesn’t up to scrutiny.

Potter tells 47ABC he believes the firing and charging of the five officers is justified, but he wants to see more accountability in all instances of police brutality and systemic reform to happen.
Potter tells us Maryland’s Anton’s law, which makes police misconduct records public, becomes even more important, in preventing officers with violent records from being in units such as the one that stopped Nichols.

“This is the reason why we are asking or what we are asking for is because we are constantly seeing this routine sitcom where we keep seeing us killed by police officers and the way we stop that is coming together across the isle and having conversations and finding something that can work,” Potter said adding “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Potter says he hopes that victims of future brutality cases do not have to be killed, in order to see results and systemic action.

Saturday Night the Memphis Police Department announced the SCORPION Unit that the 5 officers were a part of is being permanently dissolved.


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