DSU holds meeting to address student reports of sexual assault

DOVER, Del., – Delaware State University’s President Tony Allen hosted a meeting Friday morning following up on the schools efforts to address a safety issue for students.

In the meeting, students discussed the university’s plans to create a safer environment following reports of sexual assaults and harassment on campus. 47 ABC spoke with a DSU spokesperson following the meeting who says they are putting together a safe space coalition.”Talking about who is going to be on that body, that will be working to create a safer environment on campus and address some of the things students talked about. It’s a very broad coalition of people, a lot of different areas of the university, as well as out in the community,” says Carlos Holmes, Director of News Services at Delaware State University.

We followed up with Dynah Mosley, a student demanding change, who says

“I believe it’s the same old PR response that the university gives us all the time. They are not giving the students their demands. They are just doing enough to shut some of us up. Students are demanding more from Tony Allen and his staff.”

Holmes says next steps for the school are to make sure cameras and sensitivity training services are set up on campus.

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