DSU students protest sexual assault and harassment concerns on campus


DOVER, Del. – Protestors erupted this week at Delaware State University, with students claiming the school isn’t handling reported sexual assaults and harassment cases properly.

Dynah Mosley is just one of many who are demanding change on campus. But in her speaking out against her alleged assaulter, she says she was sanctioned and forced to go through a tiring and unsuccessful process with the Title 9 office.

“I personally was sexually assaulted on campus and I personally blasted that I was sexually assaulted on campus,” says Mosley. “There are no real actions in place, there are no real what are we going to do action wise, it’s more of let’s keep talking about it, let’s keep hearing you out, let’s keep doing stuff.”

47 ABC spoke with DSU, who tells us they investigate any reports, but couldn’t comment specifically on any cases.

After this week’s protest, we’re told a meeting with a few student leaders and victims took place with DSU President Tony Allen to further discuss some of those concerns. But some tell us they are left with little to no trust that anything will actually be done.

DSU spokesperson Carlos Holmes says any sexual assault or harassment will not be tolerated.

“Sexual assault is absolutely unacceptable on the campus of Delaware State University and our judicial process reflects that,” says Holmes.

But students say otherwise, with multiple students pleading their case, and concerns it will continue to fall on deaf ears.

DSU tells us they hear the concerns and are looking at changes to address the problems.

Holmes says, “All things are on the table, that includes our law enforcement that includes our title 9, that includes anything else we can do to make our students feel safer.”

Students also tell us they hope this sparks change on campus to better support victims of assault and efficiently address assaulters.

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