Park rangers speak out after 6 feet+ holes dug on Assateague Island

Holes On The Beach

BERLIN, Md- Assateague Park service is raising awareness of a beach activity- that is causing harm to animals and people looking to enjoy nature.

Holes, some of which are over 6 feet deep and hard to spot in bright light were left across the beach, providing a hazard to overland vehicles, people, and the island’s population of wild horses.

The Park Service says for unsuspecting people or vehicles the holes could mean a nasty injury or repair bill but for the wild horses on the beach, a fall could be life-threatening.

“It could hurt them if they are not paying attention and fall into it because these are huge holes I mean we are finding them to be hugely deep and with sand not being stable it could collapse too,” said Park Ranger Liz Davis.

She says any holes that are dug should be no deeper than knee length, and to be sure to fill them prior to leaving the beach.


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