New partnership between Ocean City and El Salvador brings visa workers


OCEAN CITY, Md. – With more people getting vaccinated and restrictions being lifted, Ocean City is set to have what some are calling, a bounce back summer. The resort town is getting a huge boost in their workforce thanks to a new partnership with another country. “This could potentially be a great start to a partnership between those in El Salvador and businesses here in Ocean City, Maryland,” says state delegate, Wayne Hartman.

Ocean City need’s workers and El Salvador has them. So Friday afternoon, businesses, state and town officials, and the Ambassador from El Salvador to the United States of America met to initiate the partnership. This partnership will reportedly bring seasonal workers from El Salvador to Ocean City, something the town says is much needed. “It really has presented a challenge that nobody expected,” says Director of Communications of Ocean City. “A meeting like today is really optimistic for business owners where this could be a solution for a very big problem they’ve had during the pandemic.”

Through this partnership, El Salvador will provide J1 as well as H2B visa workers. In past summers Ocean City has relied on these types of workers to keep their businesses running. However, with the nation still dealing with the pandemic, businesses have been scrambling to gather employees to address the predicted up-tick in foot traffic the summer will bring. “It’s the perfect marriage. Now we have to work with our federal partners and make it happen and I think we’re on the right track to making that happen,” says Del. Hartman.

Delegate Hartman says his constituents and their businesses have suffered greatly from the lack of J1’s and H2B’s. He tells us, this time last year some businesses couldn’t even keep their doors open. Now they might have a chance to get some business back. “This could be a huge difference in a successful season or not,” says Delegate Hartman. “It really is a win-win in many areas for both El Salvador and the business owners here in Ocean City.”

We’re told some of the details still need to be worked out, such as how many workers will be coming over. However, Ocean City hopes to get the ball rolling soon, to get workers into businesses as soon as possible.

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