Court documents reveal details of vicious attack on Delmar police officer, elderly couple


DELMAR, Del. – Court documents are revealing details on the horrific attacks that happened early Sunday morning. Now, a Delmar police officer is in shock trauma up in Baltimore, fighting for his life. Meanwhile, an elderly couple was seriously injured as the events unfolded.

It all started around 3 o’clock in the morning Sunday, when 30-year-old Randon Wilkerson allegedly got into a fight with his roommate. Court documents say Wilkerson punched his roommate in the face and police were called to the scene.

Then, Wilkerson ran across the street and knocked on the back door of a home there, saying there was a disturbance at his home. A 76-year-old man let him in, and then Wilkerson punched him to the ground and began beating him in the head with a glass angel figurine, saying “I’m going to kill you.” Next, Wilkerson began beating the man’s 73-year-old wife, to the point where she was left with two broken eye sockets. When he was done there, Wilkerson simply walked out of the front door.

When Corporal Keith Heacook arrived at the first residence, Wilkerson severely beat him. Witnesses say they could see Wilkerson repeatedly bringing his foot down on the corporal’s head.

When dispatchers received no response from Corporal Heacook, they sent additional officers to the scene. They found Corporal Heacook face down and unconscious inside the first residence. Officers pulled him from the scene and began giving emergency first aid until EMS arrived. Corporal Heacook was transported to TidalHealth in Salisbury, then taken to Baltimore with significant head injuries.

Wilkerson was taken into custody. He is now being held at Sussex Correctional Institution on $451,000 cash bond. Wilkerson is facing multiple charges, including attempted first degree murder, two counts of first degree assault, one count of third degree assault, two counts of possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony, first degree burglary, and terroristic threatening. Corporal Heacook remains in critical condition.



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