Brandywine Valley SPCA teaming up with shelter in rural Louisiana to save more animal lives

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DELAWARE – The Brandywine Valley SPCA is lending a helping hand to an animal shelter in rural Louisiana. The BVSPCA is going to help Tangipahoa Parish Animal Services to complete construction on a 70-kennel building, a spay and neuter clinic, and provide extra staffing for the next year. “We really saw a lot of energy and enthusiasm and appetite for change amongst everyone in the shelter. So they really have the right components. They just don’t have the resources,” said BVSPCA Director of Marketing Linda Torelli.

The goal is to get the shelter to a 90% animal life saving rate by the end of 2021. “These aren’t people who enjoy euthanasia. These are people who want to save lives. They just need some help. So when you meet people who are so inspired and so hard working and are ready to make some change happen, it’s just incredible. Already with the project and the initial conversations, there’s just so much positive energy,” said Torelli.

Torelli says that while this project may help save the lives of animals in the short term, it’ll also make a huge impact for years to come in the region. “Once we help that shelter get a really solid foundation, they can then help other rural shelters in the area. Right now Louisiana has the highest euthanasia rate in the country. So this is going to have an enormous impact on literally thousands of animals in that area,” said Torelli.

More than half the funding for the project is being provided by the non-profit organization Best Friends Animal Society. Torelli says while this will cover a good chunk of the expenses – they still need support from our local community to get the project completed. To find out how you can help, click here.

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