Mayor Jake Day sworn in for 2nd term

SALISBURY, Md. – The clock on a second term officially started Monday night for Salisbury Mayor Jake Day after he was sworn-in in front of a crowd at station 16.

As Day gears up for another four years, he’ll have a cast of familiar faces with him. Salisbury’s city council will once again be headed by council president Jack Heath and councilman Muir Boda will return as council vice president. Overall, every city council member who ran for re-election won convincingly and to the mayor and council that showed them the city believes they’re headed in the right direction.

“They understand where we’re going and it feels great to know that, that affirmation from your citizens and the people that you work for,” said Boda.

First up on the list they say is looking at where they’ve had success and where they need to improve.

“We’re going to have a work session where we’re actually going to look at the plan that we developed four years ago, see where we are, see if any adjustments need to be,” said Heath.

Immediately on the horizon are issues that, in part, are already being addressed, like the sunny day flooding in the city o Fitzwater street.

“We look at rising floodwaters and again that’s a national and a global issue, but we’ve got them right here in our backyard and there’s something we need to do about it,” Day said.

But also tackling issues such as getting legislation passed in Annapolis so the city can give out their own alcohol licenses for events like the National Folk Festival.

“We’re pursuing a law through the state of Maryland, through our legislature, with our delegates and senators a law that will create a Salisbury board of license commissioners,” Day said.

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