Rep. Harris calls for President Biden to negotiate on spending cuts ahead of debt ceiling deadline


MARYLAND – Representative Andy Harris is calling on President Biden to cut spending and accept the House budget bills passed last week,  as the debt ceiling debate continues to heat up in Washington.

Representative Harris says House Republicans want to cut programs he believes are driving up inflation, with the goal of having a balanced budget over a 15-year timeline passed.

Those cuts would cover a covid-19 era Medicaid expansion by requiring recipients without dependents to be employed in order to receive help, with a  similar requirement also being added to SNAP food benefits.

“The President has to realize he has to negotiate true spending decreases, and when we say a spending decrease we mean going back to the levels that existed a year ago literally a year ago so it’s not those tremendous draconian cuts it’s things we need to do to get our economy in control,” Representative Harris said.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is expected to meet with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and President Biden on May 9th, to hammer out a deal.

If the debt ceiling is not raised the US would default on its debts in a move economists would be a devastating blow to the US economy.



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