CAMP Rehoboth provides resources, safe space for drag performers


REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Legislation targeting LGBTQ+ people and drag performers is making significant progress nationally, according to advocates.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

Matty Brown is the Communications Manager for CAMP Rehoboth. He says the bills are part of a larger movement to target LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms. “We’re seeing 26 bills in 14 states that are targeting drag events. But, they’re part of a much larger conversation that is targeting trans youth and the LGBTQ+ community at large,” he said.

CAMP Rehoboth is sending a clear message that those folks have a safe place to express themselves in Delaware. “Insecurity anywhere, in any other state, provides a sense of insecurity everywhere,” he said. “We are just dedicated to creating safe spaces and reaffirming those safe spaces here. We’re very lucky, especially in Rehoboth Beach, to be part of a very multi-faceted community that celebrates drag and free expression of all.”

“A joyful art”

Brown says drag is an avenue for performers to express themselves. However, it’s also an important economic driver for Rehoboth Beach. Adding, it’s also a window into the life experiences not shared by everyone.

“Drag is such a joyful art, and I think we almost take advantage of it here in Delaware. We have so many different establishments that are promoting and relying on drag events and shows to drive business, bring people to town, and to celebrate all identities,” said Brown. “Keeping drag open and public is very important, especially for our allies that can see our performance art, and really understand it’s a joyful art. It’s part of the LGBTQ+ expression.”

Serving the Community

Aside from helping drag performers make their work possible, CAMP Rehoboth also provides programming geared at community health and wellness.

“It’s our mission to create a more positive environment for all sexual orientations and gender identities in Rehoboth Beach, and other communities in Delaware. That includes lots of different programming, whether it’s health and wellness, whether it’s arts, free expression, and community events,” said Brown. “Keeping that going is really important, and it shows other states an example to look for.”

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