Lawmakers calling to have MD BOOST program refunded

MARYLAND – No child left behind, that is what a Maryland lawmaker is pushing for in schools across the state.

In the state budget, Delegate Tom Hutchinson says 2,000,000 was cut from the BOOST program. A program that gives vouchers to low-income families so that children can go to private schools.
The delegate says it’s important to get this funding back because public schools are also seeing failing proficiency rates.

But the Right To Learn Act is changing that making sure this funding will come back. “To take money from the general funds and to put that $2,000,000 back, so that we don’t have to disenroll low-income students out of the boost program,” says Delegate Tom Hutchinson.

Delegate Hutchinson also says his constituents have been asking about working families and their quality of education. The next step for the bill is to have a committee hearing. 47 ABC reached out to the Governor’s Office and has not heard back.

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