Structural collapse at TidalHealth parking garage

SALISBURY, Md. – TidalHealth is dealing with damage that happened early Sunday morning after a vehicle slammed into a wall in its parking garage.

TidalHealth officials say around 3:45 a.m. a vehicle entered the employee parking garage at a high speed and struck a wall.

As a result, part of that garage collapsed.

The driver of that vehicle was taken to the ER, but no injuries were reported.

Special Police Chief Bo Kennedy tells us his team and the Salisbury Fire Department quickly responded to the unusual call, keeping safety the number one priority. “We have a response plan for really any kind of critical incident, whether it be an incident like this or a medical surge of patients,” Kennedy said.

“You don’t plan these specific events, but you look at what’s going on in the area and around the country and kind of be proactive. You do different types of scenario-based drills.”

Chief Kennedy tells 47ABC 45 other employees were parked in the garage at the time of the incident. All but two vehicles were safely removed from the garage.

The garage is closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic as the investigation continues.

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