MSAC offering new grant opportunity for artists in Maryland


MARYLAND – The Maryland State Arts Council recently announced a new pilot program offering thousands of dollars in grant funding to support artists statewide.

The Grants for Artists program will provide $6,000 to eligible creative’s for working and living expenses.

Funds can also go towards an artist’s current projects, supplies, and studio space.

The council tells us professionals in the industry were disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and hope this is a possible solution. “This program is a result of 18 months of listening we did to the public and primarily artists about what their pressing needs were,” MSAC Senior Program Director Chad Buterbaugh said.

“It’s also about the other times. The in-between projects, someone might be taking time off to do research, or maybe take a class. There aren’t necessarily a lot of grant opportunities for those moments in time.”

The council held its first informational session on the program Tuesday afternoon.

We’re told the program was made possible by art relief funding MSAC received from the state of Maryland’s supplemental budget.

The first deadline for that application is February 1st.

To find out more information about MSAC, click here

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