Biden Administration looks to re-categorize some “Gig” workers as employees

Change For Gig Workers

SALISBURY, Md- The Biden administration is looking to change the rules for so-called Gig Economy workers. making them employees rather than contractors.

The change would impact drivers for apps like Uber Eats, Doordash, and other app-based employers, classifying workers with enough hours and time spent at the company as employees, making them eligible for benefits and healthcare which they currently do not have.
Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce President Bill Chambers says-many local restaurants on Delmarva rely on these delivery services and believes the change could see the apps charging restaurants more for access to their drivers.

“Your favorite restaurants is relying more and more on delivery apps to get their product open to your house or office they are already paying high delivery costs that impact their bottom line the way it’s set up now if this changes there will be less available more expensive delivery,” he said.

He believes if restaurants have to shift back to in-house drivers that are paid as employees that those positions will also be difficult to fill, adding another layer to the sector’s hiring shortage. He says he does believe that some companies are mis-categorizing their workers to pay them less- and he believes those companies should be audited and held accountable but he feels this change will only further hurt businesses.


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