World Cup Final sees boost for Specific Gravity Pizza thanks to watch parties


SALISBURY, Md- Sunday marked the World Cup final between France and Argentina, and soccer fans in Salisbury flocked to Specific Gravity pizza to watch the game.

Owner Brian Brian Polczynski says their doors opened at 9;30 am, and throughout the World Cup his restaurant has seen a boost in sales and crowds they would not usually see.

“It’s been great we normally don’t get these kinds of crowds this early so being able to serve breakfast and have that service is great and 2 pm games really get our days started better too, plus all us games we had really good crowds and is it got to quarters and now the final it’s picked up a lot more,” Polczynski said.

Polczynski says he’s loved seeing all the soccer fans, young and old come in to watch the World Cup, and hopes to have more viewing party events in the future.


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