Maryland Report Finds 2022 beats 2021 for travel, tourism profits

MARYLAND- A new report finds 2022 was the best year on record for Maryland travel- tourism and restaurants.

The report from the Maryland Department of Commerce found the state’s tourism industry is continuing a strong recovery, recapturing nearly 90% of pre-pandemic visitor spending. In addition, the state reported increases over pre-pandemic levels in the key sectors of lodging and restaurants.
Lodging saw a jump of 170 percent, in 2022 over 2022, and restaurants saw a 97 percent increase compared to the previous year.
Ocean City Director of Tourism Tom Perlozzo says it’s a trend they have seen locally in the town and are thrilled with the numbers.

“Those are fantastic numbers it shows that Maryland is rebounding we experienced similar numbers, they may not be that high, but we actually stayed over our ADR, and occupancy level increased slightly,” Perlozzo said.

The ADR tracks rental property sales taxes, which Perlozzo says were up in 2022, due to a combination of an increase in book rooms as well as short-term rentals from Airbnb and VRBO being added into businesses that fall under the sales tax.

He tells us the other metric the town uses to gauge the summer season as a success, is the number of businesses still open after it’s over.

“It used to be a mad dash to get through the hundred days of summer now we are seeing it as marathon businesses are staffing well into the fall and the combination of events are drawing people here year-round, we have an offpeak but the goal is to slowly develop into a year-round destination,” Perlozzo said.



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