Chaplain urges support for those grieving this holiday

DELMARVA – The holidays are a tough time for those experiencing grief.

It’s a time for everyone to come together but at some times the table has an empty seat. At Beebe Healthcare chaplain Suzie Goodenough says that this time is hard for those missing their loved ones.

The chaplain says the pandemic has heightened grief because families weren’t allowed to have the proper gatherings to mourn. “Not even allowed to be present in the hospital, people were literally passing away from COVID, and then after that, they weren’t even allowed to have a funeral or gathering to kickoff and engage in their grief,” says Chaplain Suzie Goodenough with Beebe Healthcare.

She says if you can it’s best to just be there for them and support them. If you yourself are experiencing grief you should express your feelings with those you trust. “To really reach out and surround themselves with people who they can talk to about how they’re feeling, express their feelings to them, I think this is so important to them,” says Chaplain Goodenough.

The chaplain says often times people shut down, which is not healthy. She encourages everyone to support and encourage one another as they mourn the loss of loved ones. Beebe Healthcare has wellness centers available, for more information click here.

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