Officials calling for a “look in the mirror” as the Chesapeake Bay gets clean up

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DELMARVA – In the Chesapeake Bay, the fight for accountability is still going strong. We spoke with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation which wants to hold organizations in the Chesapeake accountable for clean up in the Bay. But in response to that, Delmarva Fisheries Associations’ Captain Robert Newberry is calling out the Foundation for what he calls its role in the issue. He says the Foundation asked for an extension to the 2025 bay clean-up agreement and was denied. That’s a claim the CBF denies.

Newberry claims they’re going to accelerate the clean-up agreement that’s in place and hope the states meet the clean-up qualifications. Before that happens he says the CBF should hold themselves accountable.

“My major concern is they’re supposed to be the big steward of accountability but recently in Virginia in the Lynnhaven River, they were found to be dumping toxic materials in there. Those that are saying that we need to be more accountable they need to look in the mirror,” says Captain Robert Newberry, the Chairman of Delmarva Fisheries Association.

Captain Newberry says the Chesapeake Bay Foundation was found dumping rebar and concrete which is illegal in the bay along with other toxic chemicals. Newberry says it’s best that everyone takes accountability for themselves after what he says has been going on for 50 years.


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation disputes Captain Newberry’s claims and says they did not dump chemicals into the Lynnhaven River and did not apply for an extension. – A.J. Metcalf, Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

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