Sen. Addie Eckardt says her focus shifts to nursing following defeat in Cambridge Mayoral Race

CAMBRIDGE, Md- Following an unsuccessful bid for Cambridge Mayor, State Senator Addie Eckardt tells us she is regrouping before announcing any new plans to run for office.

Eckardt tells us she is very involved in her nursing career, and her remaining term in office before January as a State Senator.
She says she is thankful to everyone she met on the campaign trail while running for Cambridge Mayor, and that she believes the town has issues that need to be solved and she is committed to helping in any way possible.

“Our team had a plan drafted and we saw the housing needs, the safety needs but sometimes it’s not your turn for those opportunities, but I am involved in this city and want to help and stay engaged,” she said.

But she tells us she will pursue her advocacy for psychiatric nurses and increase training for them as well.

“I practice psychiatric nursing and mentoring students and building up the staff for our psyche mental health corps staff,” she said. She tells us she was able to increase funding for training for those nurses in her time as State Senator and expects to spend more time practicing as she shifts away from public office.



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