‘Just Try It’ exposing kids to fall sports before school starts


SALISBURY, Md. – Earlier this afternoon, the Just Try It event was in full swing.

Kids got to try out a few different sports to see what sticks.

“We’ve got soccer, flag football, field hockey, and some track and field, the goal of this event is to do just what the title says, get kids to try different sports,” says James Simmons, the Recreation Superintendent for Wicomcio County Recreation, Parks and Tourism.

Simmons says this is just the first Just Try It event of the season. It’s a good way for kids to get out and get active. Parent Clair Twigg says the event is doing just that:

“It’s really exciting, I love being able to see them interact with the other kids their own age and not just have time with me, it’s fun to see their exposure to some structure some fun new activities that I can’t do at home with them,” says parent Claire Twigg.

Organizers say this is a great way for parents to save some money by figuring out what sport their child likes early on.

“We want kids active, we want kids playing sports and this is just a way for families to do it economically get to try things and see what they’re kids maybe passionate about and what they want to pursue,” says James Simmons, the Recreation Superintendent for Wicomcio County Recreation, Parks and Tourism.

On this warm day, kids are learning but also having some fun.

“One of my daughters is here right now, jane’s right here, she’s trying out track and field right now, we’re hoping it will be a good experience, she seems to be having a fun time right now what do you think jane is it fun,” asks parent Claire Twigg.

Logan Hudson is also happy he got to try out some new sports.

“I’m excited because I’m playing soccer and I’m about to run around,” says Logan Hudson, trying a new sport.

Organizers say the fun doesn’t stop here as young athletes will have the opportunity to follow through with the sport they love.

“Then we have opportunities for them to pursue it for a full season, type of format throughout clinics throughout the year 1.22 and a lot of great scholarship opportunities,” says James Simmons, the Recreation Superintendent for Wicomico County Recreation, Parks and Tourism.

Scholarships for children will be allotted during the school year. Organizers say this is just the first of many of these try-it events for kids to build relationships. The next event is for winter sports on October 25th.

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