Georgetown East Gateway Project completed ensuring safer roadways for locals

Georgetown, Del. – In Georgetown, you’ll see new improvements that are expected to make travel safer.

That includes two new traffic circles and more bike and pedestrian paths at the intersection of Sand Hill ROad and Airport Road to intersect US 9, with the completion of the Georgetown East Gateway Improvement Project.

“The old intersection was off the alignment and what we really wanted to do was focus on making the intersection safer so that we can move traffic more efficiently but also provide safe access,” says Nicole Majeski, Cabinet Secretary of the Delaware Department of Transportation.

Now officials say flooding and traffic – two major issues at the intersection – shouldn’t be a problem.

“The improvements here were the bike path we’re standing on, the roundabout behind us to give more flow from the intersection, and then behind you the new alignment of the intersection of Route 9 and sand hill road,” says Kevin Kern, project engineer for Allan Myers.

“Expansion, added lanes, turn lanes and the alignment makes a big difference for all the public to not have to turn as hard, everything lined up way better, says Dan McGettigan, the lead inspector for KCI.

Contractors say the project was about 18 months long and to get it all done, some government funding was needed, ensuring the project a team effort.

“We’re roughly 80 percent of the funding for this project came from the federal government, the state provides money through a capitals improvement grant but its a shared partnership, but we need the involvement of the county as well,” says the United States Senator Tom Carper.

With these improvements, United States Senator Tom Carper says the local community will have clearer roadway access.

“Hundreds of thousands of kids will go to this school right behind me and they’ll do so safely, teachers and all the folks that work there, we have hundreds of senior citizens who enjoy this senior center, who live in senior housing here, and the ability for them to get where they need to go, when they need to go and to do that safely,” says United States Senator Tom Carper.

The Cabinet Secretary for the Delaware Department of Transportation says that the agency is no longer solely focused on roads, bridges, and cars rather they are a multi moto agency. She says with this focus all communities will be better connected safely.

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