Queen Anne’s Sheriff warning residents of phone scam

Scam Alert

QUEEN ANNE’S CO., Md. – The Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a phone scam.

We’re told that residents have reported receiving phone calls from an individual portraying themselves as the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Gary Hofmann advises that “If you have a warrant, we will show up professionally, with uniformed officers.” If you think you receive a scam call of this nature, “we welcome you to call us at our official number, 410-758-0770, if you wish to verify.”

Officials say if you receive this type of call hang up immediately. The office is doing their research into who the perpetrator is. The sheriff’s office says this is a common issue but as far as the investigation goes, Sheriff Hoffman tells us they are making progress.

“Take and actually use our resources to determine if this is a google phone number or a spoofed number, we’re in the early stages of trying to figure out who this person is impersonating deputy sheriffs,” says Sheriff Hoffman.

The sheriff reminds residents that they will never ask for payment over the phone. He says they are working to solve the issue as fast as they can as this does create an issue of trust between the community and law enforcement.

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