Bethany Beach 4th of July Parade returns

BETHANY BEACH, Del.- After a 2 year hiatus, Bethany Beach’s 4th of July parade returned to downtown, featuring parade floats, musical acts, VIP visitors and more.

“It’s so important to us, our town has 1,000 residents through out the year and this weekend it swells to over 25,000,” said event Director Julie Malewski.

The parade was followed by a line of bike riders, open to the public to celebrate the holiday.

“Bikes, walkers everyone can participate for prizes,” Malewski said.

The event also featured local politicians, from the town council to Delaware Senator Tom Carper.

“It feels good, like we are back to where we should be we had two years of no parade and no fire works and it’s exciting to be beack to what Bethany does best,” said Town Council member Scott Edmonston.

Edmonston tells us the event took an entire year to plan, and they were thrilled at the turnout.

“It takes an etnire team an entire year to put this together so its a lot of work and you can see hwo many poeope are here in town they are waiting they are ready,” he said.

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