Same day voter registration advances to Delaware Senate

DOVER, Del. – Same-Day Voter Registration is one step closer to becoming an option for Delaware voters, as the measure passes the Delaware House and advances to the Senate. 

It would allow voters to register and vote ahead of and during election day. The measure passed the Delaware House on Tuesday with an amendment that changes how early it would go into effect if passed.

The bill had initially slated the program to start next year, but advocates from the Delaware ACLU say lawmakers changed the bill to make this year’s primary and general election the next available election where same-day registered votes could be cast. 

“There was a last-minute amendment to eliminate the original January start date so now the bill once it passes the senate which we expect it will, will be ready for the governor’s signature and will become effective upon it,” said Delaware ACLU Staff Attorney Dwayne Bensing.

Bensing, he expects a signature from Governor Carney would be long before September 13th primary date. He tells 47 ABC that with the new bill, those who might not have voted for multiple elections and had their names purged from the voter rolls can use both early voting- and same-day registration to make sure their voice is heard.

“If they had been purged prior to hb25 they would have to know that 25 days before the election when few people pay attention but now with this, they can show up with an id register and cast their ballot,” he said.

Bensing also says this will help the state keep track of Delawareans who have moved to new addresses in between elections and keep voter rolls accurate.

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