Delaware passes high capacity magazine ban

DOVER, Del. – In an effort to combat mass shootings, Delaware’s Senate has passed a ban on high-capacity magazine rounds.

The measure would limit the sales of magazines with 17 or more rounds in them in an attempt to how many rounds someone can fire before having to reload. It will also set elevated penalties for the use of illegal magazines during crimes — and start a buyback program to purchase large-capacity magazines currently in circulation.

Speaker Pro Temp David Sokola says the measure won’t harm law-abiding gun owners saying, ” No responsible gun owner has a legitimate need to fire off more than 17 rounds without reloading.”

But protestors at the State Capital who were protesting the measure on Wednesday don’t feel the same.

It hurts the law-abiding citizens because criminals can get one somewhere else or setal or just buy it on the black market,” said protestor Harvey Clinton Moore.

Moore says the criminals will never participate in the buy-back program, and it will only disarm those who planned to use the magazines legally.

Lawmakers however point to FBI crime stats that show 40% of handguns used against police had high capacity magazines and say limiting legal sales can make black market ones harder to find.

The bill now heads to the Delaware House for consideration.

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