$15M supporting the MD Reach The Beach plan for improvements

MARYLAND – Moving now to a big announcement from Governor Larry Hogan today, the state of Maryland will receive 15 million dollars to improve some of its infrastructure.

This is a part of the long-term Reach The Beach plan which supports the safety, access, and congestion relief projects along the ocean city expressway in Worcester county. This funding will allow MDOT to speed up its planning process to move to the design phase for these improvements. Governor Hogan explains why a move like this is necessary now.

“The gateway to Ocean City was built 50 years ago and it’s not adequate, its a safety hazard and you know its an important evacuation route, a lot of people travel on it every day so we are putting 15 million dollars in to study the improvement of the whole route 90 corridors which will you know go from route 50 all the way to coastal highway,” says Governor Larry Hogan.

Governor Hogan also tells 47 ABC that infrastructure has been one of his main focuses causing the state of Maryland to have its roads, transit, bridges, tunnels, and airports updated which he says has made a huge difference. His office has 2 more announcements in the next 3 days.

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