Sen. Coons celebrates new Delaware projects included in FY22 spending package

DELAWARE – Senator Chris Coons is celebrating as the government Appropriations Bill passed the House of Representatives late last evening.

He is the first Delaware Senator in 40 years to serve on the committee. The bill will fund Delaware projects in the fiscal year 2022 government spending package. The funding will aid defense spending and domestic spending. Senator Coons says some of the funding will help the Ukrainian fighters and in the city of Seaford, assistance for their sewage system. The funding will also support beach towns to renourish their sandy beaches. Alon with the Nanticoke Tribe to get a new facility to restore their community and traditions.

“I’m optimistic that the Senate will pass this bill later today and send it to President Biden for his signature, it will take several days for it to be finalized and sent to him, my hope is that he’ll sign it into law by Monday,” the Senator says.

Senator Coons says he’s a strong supporter of providing funding for COVID-19 resources. Though it’s not included in the bill and despite COVID-19 cases slowing, he would like to see more funding for research in case another variant breaks out. In fact, he says we need the funding now, or the risk only gets higher.

“That we make sure we’re providing the research support here in the united states to get ahead of and God willing end this pandemic and around the world to provide the cutting edge vaccines and treatment that we here in the united states have developed. But that are not yet available to the whole world,” Senator Coons adds.

Senators Coons tells 47ABC, he and his colleagues, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester and Senator Tom Carper have been working to identify valuable investments to the community. He says through this transparent process and giving back to the community, this will be a positive investment in the first state.

Next steps for the bill still is the Senate.

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