NASA to retire ISS in 2031

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA- Nasa is retiring the International Space Station after three decades in orbit. The agency is planning to crash the ISS into the most remote part of the pacific ocean in of January 2031. Since launching in 2000 the ISS has orbited 227 nautical miles above the earth and been a temporary home to more than 200 astronauts from 19 countries.

the NASA Wallops Island facility has been key to the function of the station and a spokesman from wallops tells us it’s still too soon to say how it will impact their facility. He says Wallops has been partnering with Northrop Gruman to resupply the station since 2013, and as long as there is a station to serve, they will work to keep astronauts stocked up on crucial mission supplies.

“We have been using the Antares rocket to supply and take supplies to the space station so we have been doing this for as long as we are asked to and in fact we have a launching coming up soon February 19th,” said Wallops Chief of Communications Keith Koehler.

Koehler tells us  the current NASA mission continues to be to return to the moon and mars and this shift in goals is part of that overall strategy.


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