Refunding the police to bring more benefits to local Sheriff’s Office


MARYLAND — 47abc has been following Governor Larry Hogan’s announcement about the 500 million refund the police initiative.

We spoke with Sheriff Matt Crisafulli to learn more about how this will affect local jurisdictions. Governor Hogan plans to implement higher salaries.
Crisafulli tells us that there is a national recruitment and retention issue happening currently with law enforcement officers, so these salaries would help the hire of good qualifying applicants.

Sheriff Crisafulli also says the funding will help his jurisdiction efforts with the state police, natural resource police with any major incidents. So any time we have major incidents we assist them, they assist us, I think it will assist with our further partnerships with these state agencies,” he says.

Governor Hogan also announced help for victim services and in Worcester County, their resources like life crisis and the health department social services which will continue to improve their outreach for crime victims. Sheriff Crisafulli says more information is to come on how funding will be allocated through state resources in the governor’s budget announcement.


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