FDA: No Link Between Covid Vaccine and Fertility Issues

SALISBURY,Md-  Medical Experts including the FDA are pushing back on misinformation regarding kids’ vaccine safety, stating there is no link between kids taking the vaccines and a risk to fertility.

 This comes after a letter to a European medical journal gained traction in anti-vaxer communities online after it claimed the covid spike protein was similar to a protein crucial in childhood development, and that the vaccine could target both. The letter contained no research or evidence for this claim.
Experts say it’s important to not believe everything online, especially claims from non-peer-reviewed research. 

“The vaccine methods are peer-reviewed and have been studied since the early 2000s to send appropriate messenger RNA to the cell and help the creation of the protection we are looking for against covid,” said Dr. Chris Snyder of TidalHealth Peninsula Regional Hospital.

Dr.Snyder tells us the two protein spikes are not remotely similar and said he would point anyone looking to understand why the comparison is unfounded to the analogy used by the FDA director, of someone thinking to social security numbers are the same simply because they both contain one common digit.


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