FDA Announces changes for farm regulations

DOVER,De- A new proposed change from the FDA means farmers are going to have fewer costs and regulations to go through when trying to grow to produce on their lands. The FDA changed the guidelines on how often farmers have to test water supply on their farms. The prior guidelines for testing based on the kind of water coming into a farm.
Under the prior guidance farmers often had to pay for and conduct multiple tests on their property even if there was no risk of exposure for diseases like E-coli or hepatitis. With many farms running on multiple sources of water, many of the tests were deemed redundant.
According to the Delaware Department of Agriculture, the new rules will have farmers take a risk assessment of their own farm, which will have the tests be based on individual material conditions on each farm.

“These new rules really are intended to remove those previous requirements and move to a risk-based risk assessment per each farm’s conditions on that specific farm,” said Anna Wicks of the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Wicks tells us her department is partnering with the University of Delaware to host public comment forums where they encourage local farmers to speak on the impacts these guidelines will have for them.  She encourages farmers who would be affected by the change to attend the session on January 21 to also learn how to submit public comments to FDA on the proposed rule changes.
To learn how to head to the Delaware Department of agricultures website.


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