Local health departments avoiding lack of availability for COVID-19 testing

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md. – Some health departments across Maryland are reportedly having issues with making COVID-19 testing available to the public. some places, testing sites have been converted to vaccination sites, leaving less options for Marylanders to get a test.

But, locally, health departments are keeping testing going. In Worcester County, weekly COVID-19 testing is available in Snow Hill by appointment. Meanwhile, public library branches are providing free at-home testing kits. “Testing is recommended if you have symptoms, if you’ve been in close contact. The CDC recently changed the time frame, so that close contact would have to be within five and seven days,” said Travis Brown with the Worcester County Health Department.

Brown says even with vaccines and other precautions, getting tested is still just as important as it was when the pandemic began. “Even if you’re vaccinated there’s still the risk of catching COVID-19, even if it’s reduced. Especially this time of year, if you’re visiting family, or those who are vulnerable, get tested. You can get the home testing kit and get results in 15 minutes. If you have a positive, you do want to go ahead and recheck it with a medical provider,” he said.

The health department also says that COVID-19 testing rates have dropped off since the beginning of the pandemic. However, people are still coming in a steady stream to get tested. “From our peak, in probably April into summer of 2020, testing rates are down. But they’re still pretty steady because it’s so much more convenient to go to, say, the library to get a home test kit,” said Brown.

For more information about COVID-19 resources provided through the Worcester County Health Department, click here.

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