Don’t let “pandemic fatigue” get your guard down, say health officials

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md. – You might have heard the phrase “pandemic fatigue” as the fight against COVID-19 continues. Some people may be letting their guard down as we enter year two of the pandemic, and the holiday season.

“It’s a completely new experience for a lot of us, just the length and depth of this pandemic. It’s very human for people to relax their guard after months and months of COVID-19,” said Travis Brown with the Worcester County Health Department.

But, Brown says now is the time to be extra vigilant. The Worcester County Health Department is reminding people to continue washing their hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask when possible.

“It’s just something that we have to be mindful of. It doesn’t have to destroy our plans or even dramatically alter them. But, we should always be planning around COVID-19,” said Brown. “We can wish for it all to be over, but it is a journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keep vigilant, but don’t let the stress impact your life so much that it becomes a negative experience.”

Plus, health officials say you should get tested, or get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already, ahead of holiday gatherings.

“Overall, for the winter, we’re seeing a little bit of an uptick, but a lot of that is expected. It’s a time right now when people are getting close together. When you’re spreading holiday cheer there’s also the chance that you’re spreading infectious diseases, unfortunately,” said Brown.

Summer Widmyer, also with the Worcester County Health Department, says taking care of your mental health can help you to fight off pandemic fatigue.

“Really, it’s just everyday things that you should be doing. Exercising 30 minutes a day. Adults are supposed to be getting 150 minutes of exercise per week. Eating those healthy foods, your vegetables, and your fruits. Spending time of meditation, or some alone time,” she said. “You don’t want to lose that sense of hope, which so many people have lost that sense of hope.”

To find a vaccination clinic near you, click here. You can also contact the state’s multilingual call center seven days a week at 1 (855) MD-GOVAX.

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