Technology shortage hits SU esports club

SALISBURY, Md. – The technology shortage is affecting all those who need to upgrade and replace their tech, including one group of customers you may not have known about.

Salisbury Universities’ esports club has competed nationally in competitive video game competitions, but they too are having a hard time getting their hands on what they need to stay competitive. 

They say the school was able to help get the club access to new laptops, but the esports club president Garret Shindle tells us, it’s the accessories that they are having trouble getting ahold of. These include specialized keyboards, mice, and monitors designed for competitive gaming. Shindle tells us, his club is currently priced out of purchasing recording hardware that’s required to watch replays and stream games on consoles. He says it can be used to rewatch game tape and help share clips, but the price has hiked too far to consider purchasing. 

“They went up from around $50 to $60; in that price range, to where they are sitting at now at $200 a piece where they went up around four times as much,” he said.

Shindle tells us his goal since starting the club his freshman year has been to increase accessibility for all SU students to participate in competitive games at the club. He says gaming equipment can often be thousands of dollars, and that was before the pandemic. He says he prided himself on letting people try out competitive gaming without having to put down large sums of money and hopes that prices come down soon so his club can get more equipment and attract new members.

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