SBY City Council Approves Funding for Cold Weather Shelter

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury City Council accepted major funding to help those experiencing homelessness.

The first reading of ordinance 2694, which allows the city to work with the Somerset County Health Department to accept $34,000 for a cold weather shelter was unanimously approved on November 8th.

Salisbury is working with another county’s health department because Somerset County helps oversee the Lower Shore Housing Alliance, which facilitates the annual shelter, according to Salisbury Mayor Jake Day. “It provides space for the un-sheltered men in our area, which is the majority of the homeless population. That’s not all of it, but for the majority – the un-sheltered men – it provides an opportunity for them to find a warm place to be,” he said.

Mayor Day says even though this funding was accepted, donations for the shelter are always needed. Those donated items can include clothing, toiletries, and hygiene items. “There will always be that need for support from the community. There is, frankly, just not enough of a federal funding effort to address the homelessness problem at the scale that it exists,” said Mayor Day.

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