Infrastructure bill signed to help transportation networks in Del.

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DELAWARE – Delaware transportation officials are celebrating the signing of the nation’s bipartisan infrastructure bill.

President Biden signed the bill yesterday, marking a win for the Democratic party. 47 ABC spoke with Del-DOT Community Relations Director, C.R. McLeod and he tells us this bill will have a big impact in Sussex and Kent counties.

He explains $1.6 billion will be used across the first state in the next five years with the hopes of improving safety throughout the transportation network.
This includes the bridge preservation program. Right now there are 1700 bridges across the state and $225 million has been allocated for bridge maintenance. The state also plans to invest in resiliency, which McLeod says will create better roadways and a better plan of action for increased flooding, particularly in Sussex county.

McLeod emphasizes that they are trying to expand transportation options across the State.

McLeod says “We’re really starting to look at how do we ensure that our infrastructure is able to be sustained. He adds, “We want to make sure that people are whether they’re on a bike, whether they’re on public transportation, walking that they can get to where they need to go safely and efficiently.”

McLeod also tells 47 ABC the department plans to invest in electrification in infrastructure which will require more electric cars that will create fewer emissions from gas power. Ultimately they say they are trying to better connect communities in a more accessible way.

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