Crisfield remains flooded after storm

CRISFIELD, Md. –  The town of Crisfield remains flooded after Friday’s low-pressure system increased tides to over 5 feet above their usual levels, flooding entire streets, roads and damaging homes in the area.

We’re told crews did 9 rescues of 17 total people by police, many involving cars becoming stranded in the waters. The town’s mayor tells us the high tide combined with the rain made for flooding conditions the town has not seen in a long time.

“Last night they predicted 5 feet above normal which I believe we got every bit of that its, and its mirroring hurricane Sandy levels in terms of tide,” said Crisfield Mayor Barry Dize.

Mayor Dize tells us the water coming this far inland is not unusual for Crisfield, but the amount of water that was pushed and how much of it is remaining constitutes a ‘100 year storm’ for the town.  Mayor Dize tells us the reason it’s sticking around is because of faulty flood gate systems that create a funneling effect, slowing down how fast that water can make it out back to the marina, causing property damage in the process.

“The way it is now it takes a few days to get out sometimes more than that, but if the flood gates were functioning properly then it would be probably be done in 12 hours by now it would be gone,” he said.

He says the Town of Crisfield has reached a deal with the Maryland Department of National Resources for a 100 million dollar project to repair those drains over a 10 year period starting in 2023. He says there’s nothing in the town’s price range that could prevent the flooding, but he says repairing the drainage systems can make sure the damage to the town is limited.

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