Black cat adoptions shouldn’t be put on hold during October, says BVSPCA

DELAWARE – During the month of October, you may notice some animal shelters putting a hold on adopting out black cats.

Those shelters say that’s because the adoptions could be dangerous for the cats leading up to Halloween. Some say that the cats could be taken home by those with bad intentions and harmed in rituals.

But, the Brandywine Valley SPCA says that’s mostly a myth. “While people believe they are trying to help those cats, they’re actually holding them back whenever they stop them from being adopted in October, into loving homes, because of this stereotype that keeps getting perpetuated,” said BVSPCA Senior Director of Development Eli Martinez.

Martinez says holding black cats in shelters out of fear of Halloween rituals only hurts the animals in the long run. “You have healthy, viable candidates for adoption – these cats that are essentially being held back from finding a home all because of this myth,” said Martinez. “Shelter life, in general, can be a little stressful. With cats, specifically, whenever they are overly stressed, they do get sick. So, from our standpoint, you never really want to do that. You want to give them every opportunity to get adopted.”

Plus, extra animals to care for could mean extra strain on the shelters. “You’re talking about the resources involved and the day-to-day care for the animals. Our reality right now, and most businesses and non-profits’ realities, is that we’re running on a deficit with staff,” said Martinez.

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