Wicomico Co. Council to consider funding for land development in Hebron

HEBRON, Md. – Tuesday, Wicomico County Council is slated to consider transferring funds toward Program Open Space. County parks and recreation officials will be asking the Council to amend the Fiscal Year 2022 capital budget, and the Fiscal Years 2022-2026 capital improvement plan. The money would increase the use of the prior year fund balance by $100,000. It would also increase the Fiscal Year 2022 Recreation and Parks Projects account by $100,000.

The property that county officials are hoping to put the money towards is about 100 acres of farm land on Levin Dashiell Road in Hebron. Director of County Recreation, Parks and Tourism Steve Miller says the land could be used for a park. “It’s been farms for the last, I guess, 12 years since the county purchased it. We lease it as farm land. So, it’s pretty open. It’s a blank slate as far as that goes. One of the questions that we’ll have to flesh out in that planning process is what type of park and how big of a park,” said Miller.

Miller says if the Council approves the funds, they’ll use the money to hire a Master Planner. “We don’t know at this point what type of park it will be, and that’s part of that whole master planning process,” said Miller.

This is just one of the goals of Program Open Space. Miller says the idea is to figure out the best way that Wicomico County residents can get full potential on the land around them. 37 “It’s intended for public use and public recreation, so we certainly think that whatever ends up going there can enhance the system. I think that’s really the goal,” said Miller. “We want to find something that makes sense both for the area of that county, but also within the context of the whole county system.”

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