Milford School District announces referendum on new middle school construction

MILFORD, Del. – The Milford School District announced an upcoming referendum on renovating a middle school.

The goal is to make sure the historic building is up to code to handle a rising population in the area. The project is expected to cost $57 million, but with the state covering nearly 75 percent, the district needs to raise about 15 million dollars from its tax base.

District officials say with the sale of a 20-year bond, they will mostly avoid raising property taxes over the course of the project.

“We are really anticipating the first year of this project seeing a 6th straight year of decline in property taxes for the Milford School District, then in years two and three when your really seeing the bulk of that construction take place there would be an increase,” said Milford School District CFO Sara Croce.

The newly renovated Milford Middle School will offer classes for 5th and 6th graders. The district says this is needed, as they are close to hitting capacity limits in their current middle school that teaches grades 6 to 8.

The referendum vote will happen on October 27th.

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