Students and stress and new school year approaches

SALISBURY, Md. – As students prepare to head back to the classroom in the fall, some may be feeling extra stress or anxiety after spending an extended period learning in the comfort of their own home. Local psychologist Dr. Kathy Seifert says says there are signs you can look out for in children. Those include a lack of appetite, change in sleep patterns, or a general lack of interest in doing things they typically enjoy.

While noticing the signs of stress in kids is important, Dr. Seifert says communication is key. She recommends talking to them daily about going back to school, and once they are back, talking to them about how their day went. “The key, for me, is always parents looking out for signs that their children are distressed, and opening up the conversation for them, with what’s going on, you look happy, worried, let’s talk about it,” said Dr. Seifert.

Dr. Seifert says when it comes to older kids or teens, they typically relate to and rely more on their peers than their parents. She says it’s important for them to find friends they can talk to and confide in if they’re feeling stressed or anxious. Dr. Seifert¬†also suggests using school counselors as a resource.

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