Free health care available to Dover residents first week of August

DOVER, Del. – Dover City officials are tackling health concerns in their community. They say some residents are struggling to get health care. As a result, the city, the U.S. military, and health care providers are working together to fix that. During the week of August 1st through the 8th, residents can get medical, vision, and dental care at no cost. “Before COVID, there were some healthcare challenges in Kent County, and they’ve just been worsened by the pandemic. This will allow us to lower some of the backlogs that exist,” said Dover City Council member David Anderson.

Captain Jason Brooks with the United States Army says about 250 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines will come to town to help provide medical, dental, and vision care to residents. They’re partnering with local health care providers to give residents access to 30 doctors, 20 dentists, 9 optometrists, and 4 behavioral health experts. “We have been given 3 sites of care to operate. North Dover Elementary, South Elementary, and Towne Point Elementary have been graciously provided by Capital School District,” said Capt. Brooks.

The program will also provide free eyewear within 24 hours of getting a prescription at one of the sites. Residents can also get free physicals. “Anything that you would see your doctor in a routine physical for. Or, if you have children, bring them in for sports physicals or if they need physicals for group activities,” said Capt. Brooks.

But even with all that help on the way, volunteer coordinators say they still need more hands on deck. That includes people who can greet patients, help clean, and move equipment, and other key parts of the operation. “If you’re experienced in the medical field, this is a great opportunity for medical professionals to also use their certification to get involved,” said Volunteer Coordinator Ennio Emmanuel. “If you maybe know Spanish or Creole, or another language, we are anticipating a lot of different cultures, and people of different ethnic backgrounds to arrive to this event. So, we want to be able to help them out.”

City Council members say this program isn’t just about the present. They say it’s also about setting up Dover for a brighter future.“It will connect people to ongoing services, so that we don’t have this problem in the future. It’s going to be a very positive that’s going to help many communities in our city,” said Council member Anderson.

If you’re in the area and want to lend a helping hand, you can contact volunteer coordinators at​

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