‘You Matter, We Care’ webinar series kicks off, focused on empowering and educating black men



DELAWARE – As we approach Juneteenth, the 5th Annual “You Matter We Care” summit took place and brought together black community leaders. The focus was on bringing black boys and men of color together to provide healing and a safe space. All of this in hopes of helping young black men be successful.

The webinar series is hosted by Dr. Brittany Hazzard, owner of LifeCHAMPS LLC and chairperson of IMPACT Delaware Inc. She tells us, her goal is to provide a space to shine a light on strengths of black men.

Panelists included on Saturday’s webinar were, Cliffvon Howell, an Equity Coordinator and consultant at Cliffvon Howell consulting, Andre’ Allen with the Chesapeake Public Schools District School Social Worker and ManUp Alumni, and a current ManUp mentee.

One of the major focuses of the day was how leaders in school and the community can better serve young black men to help them be successful. “Our community has to be incubators on helping our young cultivate their talent before they take their talent to scale and take it on the large scale, they should already come with a skill set and come with an experience that lets them know that they will be successful because they’ve been successful in our community,” says Howell.

The web series also touched on topics such as black on black crime, and the importance of honing in on young student’s talents. The next web series is on June 26th from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

If you would like to register for the event, just click here.

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