Shortage of lifeguards, nationally and locally

DELMARVA- Shortage of lifeguards, it’s happening nationally and locally.

We’re told it’s due to many reasons.

“Some of the youth today don’t really want to work outside, the other thing is most life guarding positions require pre-certification,” Captain Butch Arbin, said.

“There are so many job offers out there I think it gets into what the pay scales are and what you want to do for the summer because there a lot of opportunities right now,” Police Chief Keith Banks, of Rehoboth Beach, said.

In Rehoboth Beach, we’re told last year they only hired 55 lifeguards and COVID-19 had an impact on how many were hired.

This year, they’re getting back up to strength, but still need help filling in the gap.

“We have about annually 65 lifeguards each year and normally we have about 62, and that’s only because recently we brought on a lot of part-timers, 8 or 9 within the past couple of days,” Police Chief Banks, said.

Lauren Henderson, a lifeguard at Rehoboth Shores in Millsboro, said she’s seeing the same issue at a small business she works at.

“It’s hard with like scheduling in and people just not wanting to work ever since COVID and the impact with COVID a lot of people would rather just stay home,” Henderson, said.

Meanwhile in Ocean City, we’re told they aren’t dealing with that shortage.

A big part of that is because they don’t require any certifications or previous experience to work.

Also, they have a high return rate of workers.

“We don’t have to eliminate people that haven’t taken the time to get certified were many many other beach patrols and pools can’t even employ those people,” Captain Arbin said.

While the lifeguard issue is not solved yet for some places, we’re told things are looking up.

“Now, this year is starting to get a lot better than last year and I feel like everything’s starting to get back to normal now,” Henderson said.

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