Lemonade stand raises money for vet. motorcycle crash victim

DELMAR, Md.-  A lemonade stand in Delmar is helping a veteran with his recovery.  Cody Bozman was involved in a life-changing motorcycle accident, with a lengthy recovery ahead of him.

Natalie’s Lemonade Stand is raising money through their sales to help him and his families with expenses. “We’re just coming together as a community to help out and having fun with it,” said volunteer Kayleigh Krater.

Community members say that a public show of support can mean so much to a family in need.  Josh Evans was involved in a similar accident in 2018. He says he believes the support he received from Natalie’s Lemonade Stand lead to people volunteering to help his family. “Having the support to know, even before you do, what you need help with, that’s something i know more than most people because of that personal experience that I had,” said Evans.

Evans says community members offered to keep up chores in his house and other tasks that he was unable to manage.  He says he hopes Bozman can receive the same show of support that he did. “Seeing a whole community come together  for you, thats powerful,” said Evans.


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